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I like talking about the entrepreneur's journey – business, mind, and soul

Entrepreneurship is far more than reports and profit goals. It is a journey we go on as a creative soul, releasing our ideas into our worlds.

Dedicated to your journey


Feeling stuck and know you have it within you?


Access your subconscious for what you know will help you.


Learn new ways of thinking, systems of support, and next steps on your journey.

Pismo Beach cliffs and ocean view. Pismo Beach, California

rooted in experience

16 years

consulting in business process improvement

6 Years

Coaching creative entreprenuers as a Professional Certified Coach.

5 companies

Ventures of my own, not counting the lemonade stand, babysitting business, and dog sitting before legal working age.

Passionate about natural emergence


Finding your own personal creative flow is one of the largest factors in unlocking your success. It is literally the element that creates ease.


Inspiration is the tipping point for creating action.


Creating from our whole self allows us to access all of our resources. Reconnecting to ourselves at all life stages is critical to the entrepreneur's journey.


The creative entrepreneur journey is for the bold, the courageous, and the ones that care more about their creation than their fears.

ready for your next step?

Full transparency, if we are a match, here are my session rates:

$270 for an hour of coaching

$400 for an hour of strategy

Why does coaching cost less than strategy calls? Coaching is for when the answers are inside you and you need help pulling them out, looking at things with a different perspective, and you are deciding on a resonant choice. Strategy is where I bring my knowledge and apply it to your business. Therefore, this has a larger energy exchange. On our intro call, we can decide which path is best for you right now.

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